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Over time I have discovered that very often it is very difficult to find exactly what you imagine. At the same time, even when we find something similar to the model we had in mind, it is not enough.

This is how SempOro Design & Design was born.

SempOro will create for you the jewel you dreamed of. We can start work from your detailed description, reference pictures with similar pieces, even a sketch / drawing made by you.

SempOro will gather all the information and create a design based on it only for you. After completing the design process, SempOro will send you a 2D/3D image with your dream piece. If necessary, the necessary finishing touches will be made and when you are satisfied with the final result we will present you the calculation of achievement.

With your consent, the part is sent for production and as it is ready it is delivered to you.

These pieces are pieces with very high sentimental value, they are pieces that will last in your family for many generations.

What are the costs involved in such a process?

  1. Initial evaluation of the project – free of charge
  2. Making sketches and retouching – 150Eur + VAT (calculated at the official rate of the billing day)
  3. Model realization – 3D print – 250Eur + VAT (calculated at the official rate of the billing day)
  4. Execution consultancy – free of charge
  5. Making the part in the desired metal and stones – according to the SempOro offer following the execution consultancy

The rates for points 2 and 3 will be invoiced. When placing the final order, point 2 and 3 will be included in the final price.

Can I return this type of product?

Not. These products cannot be returned, they are made in accordance with your requirements and requests, and considered personalized, being Special Orders.

If I’m not satisfied during the process can I retire?

Yes. In case you are not satisfied with what we have created you can withdraw. In this situation you will pay only for the services already performed (points 2 and 3 as the case may be).

What warranty do I have?

  • Special Order products come with a Lifetime Warranty for any manufacturing problems. For more details read RETURN & WARRANTY POLICY

I still have questions…

No problem, we invite you to contact us so that we can answer all your questions. If you want you can schedule a meeting at our headquarters to get to know each other.