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When you want a plus of personalization of your product or when you want to turn a jewelry into something more than a gift, SempOro offers engraving and personalization services. We can engrave wedding rings on the inside and outside, pendants, earrings, bracelets and many other jewelry made of silver, gold and platinum. In some cases there is also the possibility of engraving common metals such as leather or steel. The products that allow engraving are highlighted in this way on our site. Please select these options as needed. The cost of engraving is included in the price of the product at the time of purchase.

(NOTE: engraved products cannot be returned and are personalised. If you are not sure of the status of your product, please contact us)

For products already purchased from us, you can send them for engraving later, paying only a small fee for engraving and delivery service. We can also engrave your objects. For an exact quotation please contact us or fill in the
“Request Quotation for Services
” form. By this request you have no obligation.