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Conflict-Free Diamonds
SempOro, respects human rights, universal civil liberties and fundamental freedoms beyond local customs and is committed to ensuring the integrity of our sources and maintaining the highest standards of social and ecological responsibility.
SempOro obtains diamonds only from countries that are fully participating in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). It is an international cooperation monitoring system, created to discuss ways to eliminate the flow of “conflict diamonds” in the import and export of rough diamonds. The Kimberley process requires members to vigorously control diamond purchases so that diamond purchases do not fund violence from rebel movements.

About the Kimberley Process
The Kimberley trial began when south African diamond-producing states met in Kimberley, South Africa, in May 2000, and has been in effect since 2003. It is open to all countries, and since 2013 it has 54 participants, representing 81 countries from all over the world, from the European Union to the United States and Asia. It is a civil society initiative and implements the requirements to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds coming from conflict zones, as defined by the United Nations (UN).
The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) ensures that every raw diamond that crosses an international border between two signatory countries is “conflict-free.”
SempOro certifies that all its diamonds are purchased on the basis of written guarantees produced by its suppliers that are in accordance with the Kimberley Process.
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The ethical source of Palladium and Platinum
Suppliers of palladium and platinum for SempOro must adhere to conflict-free supply requirements. All suppliers of Semporo Bijuterii SRL must comply with health rules and safety standards, ethical trading standards and working conditions. For the production of SempOro products, only certified palladium and platinum are used.
If you’d like to discuss more about provenance certificates, feel free to contact customer support.