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Our pricing policy reflects the purpose of maintaining the best price in the market while offering high quality. SempOro proudly lags behind its products, offering endless variety in design and opportunities for modification. Our goal is to keep prices as low as possible, without compromising the quality of the products.
SempOro operates online and through a scheduling system avoiding many unnecessary costs, while many other retailers are forced to incur high operating costs in physical stores.

How do we keep prices low?
Experience in jewelry trade – With over 15 years of experience in the field of jewelry trade, we have learned to manage our costs at every step, from creation to delivery.
No intermediaries – SempOro works directly with the first line. Thus we manage to save a lot and we have opted to transfer these savings directly to you. To better understand this phenomenon read the article The Journey of the Diamanat. link
Long-term suppliers – SempOro seeks and establishes long-term relationships with suppliers of direct raw materials, thus we allow ourselves to save the necessary costs for production, which leads to a reasonable price of the final product. Long-term links have already been established between reliable sources for the highest quality raw materials, which allows us to offer one of the best prices on the market today at a higher quality
The advantage of online operation – It allows saving expenses for installations, maintenance, rents and employment that would be required for a physical store, which would otherwise reflect the final price of products.
Inventory Optimization – Keeping a low stock and executing the products based on orders we can reduce storage costs. By executing a lot of customized orders, we execute everything from scratch according to your requirements, so we use the materials in an efficient way being able to offer the best offer for the budget you dedicate, offering in addition possibilities for metal, stone, carrying, size and other options.
We have worked hard to provide the best prices along with high quality items for our customers. To achieve this goal, we cannot produce multiple items for our customers with comparative purpose. In case of comparative purchase, SempOro retains the right to cancel one or more items in an order.
In-house experts – designers, gemologists, certified jewelry experts who identify materials and their quality (metals and stones), create new designs and manufacture all together under one name at no additional operational cost.
There are no hidden taxes – SempOro wants a transparent environment, where you, the customer, are the most important after the quality of our products We do not add unrealistic costs to the price of our products, so you pay only for the value of the purchase.
Click here (link to ethical sources) to learn more about our ethical sourcing policy.