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SempOro Jewellery offers an upgrade policy that is unique at the time of its launch on the market in 2021. Just for Jewelry** SempOro made of precious metals offers the possibility to upgrade them with a new SempOro jewelry for 5 years from the date of purchase. Upgrade*the sites will be honored only if the new purchase price is higher than double the amount initially purchased. The original SempOro piece must be in good condition and must be accompanied by the original receipt.
*This policy is valid strictly for products purchased through or SempOro stores.

**The following products are excluded from the upgrade policy: wedding rings, personalized products and special orders.

Ex.: In 2021 you have purchased a pair of earrings with 0.25ct diamonds worth 1000Ron. In 2023 you decide that it is time to have a pair of 0.75ct, which is priced at 2300Ron (the price is more than double initially – 1000Ron x 2 = 2000Ron the minimum price for the new product). You will return the 2021 earrings in good condition (worn) you will add the difference of 1300Ron and you have new earrings, larger and more suitable for you.