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Charity and social involvement

SempOro considers each client, employee, partner and/ or collaborator a member of the family. Family is the most valuable thing we have. It is the family that offers us support, help and understanding when we need it. Starting from this principle, SempOro is actively involved in acts of charity and help both through various organizations in the field and directly. Not so long ago a member of the SempOro Family was announced that he was suffering from something incurable, but in order to get to this information he had to go to many specialists, to do many investigations. The diagnoses were always wrong, the reason being somewhat rarer most of the doctors did not know the cause, and the symptoms could easily be associated with other deficiencies or sufferings.

Discovering this lack of information, but also seeing how many people are experiencing difficulties in this field, the basic member of our family decided to get involved. Today our member has overcome the situation, but the burning desire then has now materialized through the SempOro charity side. SempOro donates a percentage of each product sold to partner associations. A small part of the funds is used for internally organized charitable acts, such as small gifts for those who do not have the opportunity, hot meals and others. In order to see the actions, the funds donated and/or raised, what has been done with these funds, we will dedicate a special, transparent section where you will be able to follow what has been achieved. We want total transparency, family is based on trust, but trust is earned.